Vetinnov was created in 2003 by Jean-Pierre Maloisel, DVM, who practiced in animal hospital for 17 years. The company offers a highly palatable veterinarian range of products (complementary feeds) for cats and dogs thanks to the Easypill® concept.

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highly palatable feeds for dogs

Vetinnov's products

are currently distributed in more than 20 world’s countries.

The Easypill® concept

Making the uptake of active substances in pets easier: The Easypill® concept.

Easypill® Dog

The Easypill® concept is an answer to the recurring problem encountered by veterinarians around the world: the compliance.
Easypill® is a palatable device originally developed by Jean-Pierre Maloisel to ease the administration of pills in pets: the pill is hidden inside a highly palatable paste to be spontaneously eaten like a treat by the pet. A formula for dogs Easypill® Dog and a formula for cats Easypill® Cat

Easypill® Cat

Ease the administration of pills

An innovative range of veterinarian products

Following the launch of the products to ease the administration of pills, Vetinnov developed a range of highly palatable complementary feeds (Easypill range) for veterinarian care based on the concept “Palatable paste + active substances”.

Our products

Pellets and Bars

The process technology used to produce the entire range guarantees the preservation of the active substances especially the thermolabile ones.
The products (pellets or bars) also have a very unique pliable soft texture, which allows them to be divisible and chewable.
The shelf life of the products is 2 years after the manufacture date.